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Dungeons & Ducks

I am so hurt. That does it man this jerk doesn't get to be charter member of our fanclub
Forget it buddy
The only reason we missed that game is because we happened to be saving the world
In the words of hockey master Tai Quack Doe "we blew it"
As long as I'm captain of this team we'll never miss another game
We could be falling for the old traperino
We've got to check it out
If we can capture Dragonus, we'll have completed our mission
I don't like this
I don't like this. They're making it a little too easy for us ya know
I think the difficulty factor just went up a notch
Here's an oldie but goodie....
Say what you will but that guy has a way with a ballad
Can I help
Could you maybe pop into that drugstore and get me somthing for a headache?
Now ducks I got you by the tailfeathers
Come on lets blow
I'll get you my pretty and your little duck too.
I love to play twister but this is ridiculous
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