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From Pastataria to Earth

(Starrfire and Psi-Chic's Origin)

Written by Starrfire with help from Psi-Chic.

Note: This story follows the sequence of events in Psi-Chic's stories: Resistence is Irresistable and Duke's Origin (which she has unfortunatly removed from her website).


Scene: Interior of a warehouse. The ducks stand in a circle backing in toward each other, weapons drawn. Hunter Drones surround the group.

Mallory: We're surrounded!

Dive: Now what bro?

[Suddenly, bursts of light and laser fire begin picking off the hunter drones. The ducks look around trying to figure out the source of the fire. Finally the firing stops, the hunter drones all laying disabled around the warehouse. The ducks survey the area and finally see the cause of the Hunter Drones' demise. Two ducks stand in the doorway, one with orange hair, knee-high black boots, a baggy purple shirt and light purple leggings. The other tan with brown hair pulled into a ponytail with bangs like Duke's, wearing a black jump suit with orange and yellow accents. The one with the orange hair holsters her weapon.]

Brown hair: Nice shooting.

Orange hair: Not bad yourself.

[The other ducks approach the strangers as the two ducks look up]

Wildwing: Thanks for the assist. I'm Wildwing...

Orange hair: We know.

Brown hair: We've been watching you.

[The ducks look at each other, confused.]

Wildwing: [annoyed] Ok, since you know who we are, mind telling us who the heck are you!?

[The two strangers look at each other, unimpressed at Wildwing's attempt to take control of the situation.]

Orange hair: I'm Psi-Chic, Queen of Dimensional Limbo, and this is my partner [gestures to the brown-haired duck] Starrfire.

Nosedive: How did you get here from Puckworld?

Psi-Chic: We didn't exactly come from Puckworld.

[The ducks again look confused]

Starrfire: It's a long story. Perhaps we should go someplace more private?

Mallory: [to the rest of her team] Can we trust them?

Duke: They just saved us form the Hunter Drones.

Mallory: But can we trust them? It could be a trick.

Wildwing: So what do you suggest?

Starrfire: Uh, you forget we've been watching you. We know about your headquarters beneath

the Pond; it's no secret.

Wildwing: [looks surprised then sighs] Alright, then we'll go back to the Pond.

[They all head to the Migrator and return to the Pond. At the duck's headquarters, some take seats in the ready room. Wildwing, Psi-Chic and Starrfire remain standing.]

Wildwing: Now what did you mean you didn't exactly come from Puckworld. [Looks at Psi-

Chic] And what's with you being Queen of Dimensional Limbo?

Psi-Chic: I'm Queen of Dimensional Limbo, what's not to understand?

Starrfire: Perhaps they would understand better if we told them of our past; perhaps how we


[Psi-Chic and Starrfire look at each other and Psi gives Starrfire a reluctant nod.]

Starrfire: Okay then. We're not really from Puckworld, I grew up on a planet called Pastataria.

Nosedive: Whoa, hold the phone. Pastataria, as in the Italian food, pasta?

Starrfire: Yeah, got a problem with that?

Tanya: Uh, well it does, uh, seem kinda odd.

Starrfire: So does a planet full of hockey playing ducks.

[Tanya and Nosedive glance at each other, Dive shrugs. Starrfire continues.]

Starrfire: I met Psi when I was about 9 during the Ketchup Wars.

Nosedive: [snickers] The Ketchup Wars?

[Starrfire and Psi-Chic give Nosedive annoyed looks which silence him. The others listen attentively.]

Starrfire: Anyway, the Ketchup Wars began because some Pastatarians didn't think that

ketchup and rice went together, they were called the Anti-Riceans. The other side

didn't see a problem with it since pasta sauce is made of tomatoes and rice was kinda

like a noodle. So the wars began and they wanted all the able bodies they could get.

Kids were thought to be very useful to the Ricans so they used them as spies. Being

an orphan, I decided to become a spy.

~~~Begins dissolve to flashback~~~

Nosedive: Whoa, not a flashback, they make me dizzy.

Starrfire: Do you want to hear the story or not?

~~~Dissolve to flashback~~~

Scene: An army camp inside a tent where army leaders are gathered with Starrfire.

Commander: We need to inform the main camp of our status. Since communications are

probably being monitored we'll send the message via one of us. We're sending

you Starrfire. Give this message to Home base. [He hands Starr a sealed document

which she hides in her pocket.] Your orders are to go immediately.

Starrfire: Yes Sir.

Commander: Good luck Starrfire.

[Starrfire nods then leaves the Commander's tent and returns to her own. She stocks up on ammo and supplies then heads out of the camp towards Home Base. On her way she sees movement on the other side of the brush. Starr pulls out her condiment gun.]

Starrfire: Who's there!?

[An orange-haired Pastatarian child jumps out from behind the brush, condiment gun drawn. Both aim their weapons at each other. Noticing each other's condiment guns they holster their weapons.]

Orange-haired: Delivering a message to Home-Base?

Starrfire: Yeah, you?

Orange-haired: Yep. Wanna travel together?

Starrfire: You bet. Oh, I'm Starrfire.

Orange-haired: My name's Psi-Chic, nice to meet ya.

Starrfire: Likewise.

~~~Sudden switch back to present~~~

Nosedive: Hold it, what good would condiment guns do?

Psi-Chic: [gives Dive a look of disgust] The Zingons sided with the anti-Ricans. Condiment

guns are lethal to the Zingons.

Mallory: The Zingons?

Psi-Chic: [sighs] Yes the Zingons. They were from the Pastatarian moon, but some lived on

Pastataria. Now can we continue with the story?

[The ducks nod and Starr continues.]

 ~~~Dissolve back to flashback~~~

Scene: Psi-Chic and Starrfire are walking through an open field with woods on both sides. When suddenly a group of three jumps out and surrounds them weapons drawn.

 Soldier 1: Put down you weapons, we have you surrounded.

Starrfire: Anti-Ricans! Now what!?

[Psi-Chic and Starrfire drop their condiment guns as the soldiers move in on them.]

Soldier 2: So the Ricans are using kids not to deliver their messages. This will be like taking

candy from babies.

Starrfire: [annoyed] Leave us alone!

Soldier 3: Sure kiddo, as soon as you tell us what you know about the Ricans' plans.

Psi-Chic: We don't know anything so back off!

Soldier 3: Yeah right. [He cocks his gun in an attempt to scare the kids] Talk.

[Starr gets angry and anc clenches her fists. Her hands begin to glow. The soldiers look at her confused.]

Soldier 2: What's she doing?

Soldier 1: I don't know.

[Psi-Chic looks to Starr and Starr looks at Psi. Both are confused.]

Soldier 3: Alright stop that glow stuff right now!

Starrfire: [a little scared] I don't know how!

Soldier 3: Well you better figure it out!

[Starr unclenches her fists and bursts of light are released from her hands knocking down Soldier 3. The other two soldiers watch #3 fall. As the soldiers are distracted Psi grabs the condiment guns and begins firing.]

Soldier 1: Let's get out of here.

Soldier 3: You'll pay for this freak!

[The soldiers leave and Psi hands Starrfire her condiment gun.]

Psi-Chic: Fancy stuff there.

[Starr just looks at her]

Psi-Chic: So, how did you do it?

Starrfire: [shrugs] I dunno. I don't understand.

[Starr shakes her head as if to shake off the fear and worry.]

Psi-Chic: Well I guess we should deliver the reports.

[Starr nods and the two continue to the main camp.]

 Scene: Late night. Starr and Psi are at the main camp in the commanding officer's tent. The General looks over their reports.

General: Nice work. I trust you didn't have any trouble getting here.

Psi-Chic: A little sir but we handled it. Didn't we Starr?

Starrfire: [a little shaken] Yeah, no prob.

General: Good. Well then you two better get some rest. You'll need to go back to your camps

tomorrow. We'll send another message with you. Lieutenant, show them to a tent and

get them something to eat.

[The lieutenant leads Starr and Psi out of the General's tent and into another with two beds.]

Lieutenant: You can bunk here. I assume your hungry. [Starr and Psi nod.] I'll bring you some


[The Lieutenant leaves and several minutes later returns with some food.]

Lieutenant: Here you go. [She sets a tray down with two plates full of spaghetti, some water

and two slices of bread.] Eat up and then get some sleep.

Starrfire and Psi-Chic: Thanks.

[The Lieutenant smiles and nods, then leaves.]

Psi-Chic: So any ideas how you did that light show earlier today?

Starrfire: No, I still don't understand it. I've never seen anyone else do that have you?

Psi-Chic: [knowingly] No one around here. Maybe that's it, maybe your not from around here.

Starrfire: What are you suggesting?

Psi-Chic: Perhaps your from another planet or something.

Starrfire: Yeah right.

Psi-Chic: No really. I mean there are other beings out there, look at the Zingons.

Starrfire: So now your suggesting I'm a Zingon?

Psi-Chic: No, but maybe from another planet. Do you know if your parents have these abilities?

Starrfire: Don't have any parents.

Psi-Chic: Do you know anything about your parents, what happened to them?

Starrfire: Nope, lived my life as an orphan.

Psi-Chic: So theoretically you could be from another planet.

Starrfire: That's crazy!

Psi-Chic: Is it? After all you don't know who your parents are so who's to say?

[The two finish their meals and lie down to sleep. Starr stays awake for awhile thinking and wondering if Psi may have some truth to her words.]

 Scene: Early morning. An officer enters Starr and Psi's tent and gently shakes them.

Officer: Come on wake up. The General wants to see you.

Psi-Chic: [groggily] Huh?

Starrfire: [also groggy] What?

Officer: Come on. Let's get a move on. Be in his tent in 15 minutes.

[The officer leaves and Starr and Psi slowly get up and rub the sleep from their eyes. They both go to the water basin and clean up. They then exit the tent and look around.]

Starrfire: Uh, so do you remember where the General's tent was?

Psi-Chic: Not really. Wasn't it [she points to the left] this way?

Starrfire: Somewhere that way.

[Both head to the left. They soon see the female Lieutenant from the night before.]

Psi-Chic: Excuse me Lieutenant, but we need to find the General's tent.

Lieutenant: I'm heading that way. You can follow me.

Starrfire: Thanks.

[The two young Pastatarians follow the Lieutenant to the General's tent.]

General: Starrfire, Psi-Chic, I trust you had a good night's sleep.

Psi-Chic: As good as you can get in an army camp.

[Everyone smiles.]

General: Well I have the messages you need to take back to your camps. And you'll be pleased

to know that it won't be much longer before you can start sleeping in normal beds


Starrfire: [hopefully] You mean the war's almost over!?

General: Yep, we're winning. Shouldn't be much longer.

[Starr and Psi exchange glances and smile.]

General: Well you two get some breakfast and then stop back here to get your messages

before you leave.

Starrfire: Yes sir.

[Starr and Psi leave lead by the lieutenant who takes them to the mess tent where they grab some breakfast.]

Starrfire: So do you have any parents Psi-Chic?

Psi-Chic: Nope. And you can call me Psi.

Starrfire: Ok, Psi. So where will you go after the war?

Psi-Chic: Dunno, wherever live takes me. You?

Starrfire: [shrugs] Someplace where I can think about things.

[Psi and Starr finish their breakfast, get their messages from the General and then head back to their camps. As they near the clearing where they were ambushed before another group of soldiers emerge and surround the kids. One of them being Soldier 3 from the first attack.]

Psi-Chic: Not again. Don't you have anything better to do than pick on kids?

Soldier 3: Hey it's the freak from before, [points to Starr] the one that did that light stuff.

Soldier 4: So your the freak.

Starrfire: I'M NOT A FREAK! Just leave us alone.

Soldier 3: Not until I get a little pay back.

[Starrfire takes a step back from Soldier 3 and her clenched fists begin to glow again. Without hesitation she opens them and fires on Soldier 3. She then turns to the other soldiers, fists glowing.]

Starrfire: Anyone else got a problem with this?

[Starr holds up her glowing fists then fires on the other soldiers. The soldiers retreat.]

Psi-Chic: Seems like you enjoyed that.

Starrfire: [shrugs]

Psi-Chic: Well you seem to be getting a handle on it.

Starrfire: I guess so. It just kinda came naturally. Still weird though.

[Psi-Chic nods and the two continue on their way in silence for awhile.]

Starrfire: So how can I find you after the war?

Psi-Chic: You probably won't be able to.

Starrfire: [confused] Well where will you go?

Psi-Chic: I told you, wherever life takes me.

Starrfire: Well can I come too? I have nowhere else to go.

Psi-Chic: Maybe someday, but first you should explore on your own. See where life leads you.

[Starr looks disappointed.]

Psi-Chic: Hey, if we're destined to meet again we will.

Starrfire: [nods] Well, it's been nice knowing you.

Psi-Chic: So your camp's that way?

Starrfire: Yeah. Well have a safe trip back to your camp.

Psi-Chic: You too. And it was nice meeting you. [smiles]

Starrfire: Likewise. [Smiles back, the continues to camp.]

~~~Dissolve from flashback~~~

Starrfire: It wasn't long after I delivered the message to my camp the war ended. I decided to

find a remote area of Pastataria and explore this new ability I had. I settled in an

abandoned military camp outside of a small town, where I could go for food. I soon

realized that my abilities weren't just limited to blasts of light. The possibilities seemed

endless. I began to think again about being from another planet. I managed to find a

small Zingon spaceship in need of repair at the camp. I had some knowledge of


Psi-Chic: Pastatarians are more advanced than humans and ducks.

Starrfire: Anyway, using the little bit of money I had from working in the military I managed to

buy the materials needed to repair the spacecraft. I then left Pastataria and decided to

look for other planets that would support life. My ship crashed on Puckworld near

Pasha. I used my ability to change into a duck form so I'd fit in. The ducks of Pasha

saw the ship crash and a small group of them came and took me back to Crow Chi.

Grin: You met Crow Chi?

Psi-Chic: Will you let her finish the story!

~~~Dissolve to flashback~~~

Scene: Starr is escorted into a room where Crow Chi is sitting on a pillow. Upon Starr and the escort's entrance Crow Chi stands.

Escort: [to Starr] This is Crow Chi, our leader.

Starrfire: Hi, I'm Starrfire.

Crow Chi: Your not from around here are ya kid?

Starrfire: Well....

Crow Chi: Come on, I saw the spaceship. What's the deal?

Starrfire: Testing a new invention?

Crow Chi: Yeah right. Come on.

Starrfire: What business is it of yours?

Crow Chi: You've got spunk kid. Alright you'll tell me in time. For now you can stay with us. [to

escort] Bud Ah show her to a room.

[Bud Ah leads Starr to a room with very little furnishings.]

Bud Ah: You can stay here. [He leaves.]

[Starr looks around the room, finding nothing to do she sits down.]

Starrfire: This place is boring! Guess I'll get some sleep.

[Later there's a knock at the door and Crow Chi walks in.]

Crow Chi: Hey! Wake up!

Starrfire: [sits up quickly.] Huh!?

Crow Chi: Ya sleep like a rock.

Starrfire: Well there's not much else to do here!

Crow Chi: Ya remind me of a kid who came here from the city not long ago. He didn't find the

place too interesting either.

Starrfire: I doubt you came in here to tell me stories.

Crow Chi: Oh, your sharp as a tack. There's a hockey game on.

Starrfire: Hockey?

Crow Chi: Oh geez, you REALLY aren't from around here. Come on I'll explain it to you.

[Starr and Crow Chi go out to watch the hockey game on tv during which Crow Chi explains the game to her. After the game they all go to bed.]

 Scene: Next morning, Starr's room. She's still asleep when there's a knock at the door and Crow Chi enters.

Crow Chi: Come on get up! Breakfast is in 10 minutes.

Starrfire: [annoyed] Ok, I'm up!

Crow Chi: Here [he tosses her a towel] Get cleaned up and then we'll go to breakfast.]

[Starrfire does what she's told and then the two go to breakfast.]

Starrfire: Good meal, thanks.

Crow Chi: Glad you liked it. Now you can help clean up.

Starrfire: Huh!?

Crow Chi: What, just cause your a guest you think you don't have to work? Come on.

[Starr helps Crow Chi and some of the others take the dirty dishes to the kitchen, after which the others leave so only Starr and Crow Chi remain.]

Starrfire: Hey, where are they going? The dishes still need washed.

Crow Chi: That's your job. The floor also needs mopping. Come find me when your done.

[Starr glares at Crow Chi as he leaves. Starrfire looks around the room at all the dirty pots, pans dishes, etc.]

Starrfire: [sarcastically] Great, just great. [She begins scrubbing the dishes in the sink.] Wait,

what am I doing?

[She goes to the door and peeks out; there's no one there. She snaps her fingers and instantly the everything waiting to be washed in the sink is clean and neatly stacked. Starr then puts them away. She snaps her fingers again and the floor is shiny clean. She smiles. Suddenly Crow Chi walks in.]

Crow Chi: I forgot to tell you, the soap for the floor is....

[Crow Chi stops talking when he notices the room is spotless.]

Crow Chi: What! Done already, that should've taken you till lunch. How did you finish


Starrfire: [smiles innocently] I'm fast.

Crow Chi: Obviously. Well I guess we can go show you how to play hockey.

[Crow Chi and Starr walk out to the rink where he shows her the basics of skating which she picks up quickly. Then they move on to the basics of hockey. For the next couple of weeks Starrfire stays in Pasha and learns hockey and the basics of Zen. Finally she begins to trust Crow Chi and Bud Ah.

 Scene: The kitchen after mealtime, where the dishes are again piled up high.

Crow Chi: Your turn to do the dishes again Starr.

[He stands there without any indication that he's going to leave. Starr begins to scrub the dishes as he watches.]

Starrfire: You plan on standing there and watching me or are you going to help?

Crow Chi: Just watch.

Starrfire: Figures. [stops scrubbing and washes off her hands.] Trying to figure out how I'm so

fast at this?

Crow Chi: Maybe.

Starrfire: [rolls eyes] Ok fine. But tell my secret to anyone and I'll deny it. [Crow just looks at

her.] It's as easy as [snaps her fingers and again the room is instantly clean] that.

[Crow Chi drops his jaw a bit but quickly recovers.]

Starrfire: Like you said, I'm not from around here.

Crow Chi: So she's finally going to tell her story.

Starrfire: [smiles] Maybe. I'm not really sure where I'm from. I doubt I'm truly from the last

planet I was on.

Crow Chi: So you left to find out where your really from.

Starrfire: Basically, but the ship I fixed must've had some problems I missed.

Crow Chi: Well looks like we're going to have to modify your training to suit you abilities.

~~~Dissolve from flashback~~~

Starrfire: Crow Chi and Bud Ah taught me hockey and helped me learn how to control my

abilities. They also taught me some of the stuff you'd learn in the Puckworld


Wildwing: But that still doesn't explain how you got to earth.

Starrfire: Well you see, one day this outsider showed up at the camp. I knew he was different

from the others, he lacked that so called inner peace. Never did get that myself.

Anyway, I was curious about him. Bud Ah and Crow Chi told me his story but

wouldn't let me have contact with him. He wasn't there long enough either. But he did

return again years later after Pasha was destroyed with a friend in search of that

mask. [points to the mask Wildwing is wearing.] Anyway, I heard they were going to

use it to go after the Saurians who were taking over Puckworld.

 ~~~Dissolve to flashback~~~

Scene: Bud Ah and Starr sit in a meditation room, trying to meditate.

Bud Ah: Your restless.

Starrfire: This isn't working.

Bud Ah: That is because you are distracted. You must try harder to search for your inner


Starrfire: [annoyed] I'm tired of searching for my inner peace! I want to do more than just sit

around here all day while some weird race destroys the planet.

 Bud Ah: But we must not get involved. They do not know we survived their attack. If we

involve ourselves we will be destroyed.

Starrfire: So the rest of the planet falls into ruin while we sit on our butts! I don't get it.

[Crow Chi, who had heard the entire conversation, walks in.]

Crow Chi: Then perhaps it is time for you to move on.

Starrfire: Huh!?

Crow Chi: The ducks who have come for the mask of Drake Ducaine may need your help. Cloak

yourself and follow them when they leave.

Starrfire: [surprised] What!?

Crow Chi: You said yourself that you wanted to do more than just sit here.

Starrfire: [sarcastically] I didn't think we could get involved.

Crow Chi: We can't get involved, but your not one of us. [he winks at Starr.]

Starrfire: [smiles] Your right.

[Crow Chi whispers something to Bud Ah and leaves.]

Bud Ah: Come with me.

[Starrfire follows as Bud Ah leads here to some secret rooms, the same secret rooms the duck from the outer world found many years ago. Bud Ah walks into one of the rooms and deactivates the alarm on a pedestal. He then removes a small object from it and hands it to Starr.]

Bud Ah: Here, take this with you.

Starrfire: What is it?

Bud Ah: A knife.

[He touches the handle and activates the blade.]

Starrfire: Kewl!

Bud Ah: The outsider has the sword that goes with it. Now hurry and get your things, they will

leave soon.

Starrfire: [hugs Bud Ah] Thanks for everything.

Bud Ah: [smiles and nods] Your welcome Starrfire. Now go and good luck.

[Starrfire rushes back to her room and tosses her few belongings into a backpack, then hurries out. She sees Crow Chi and runs up to him.]

Crow Chi: You better hurry they just left, that way. [He points to the desert.]

Starrfire: Thanks. [She hugs him.]

Crow Chi: Well, get a move on already or you'll never help them stop the Saurians.

Starrfire: [smiles] Will do.

[Starrfire runs off in the direction the strangers left as she becomes invisible.]

 ~~~Dissolve from flashback~~~

Starrfire: From there I followed them back to the Resistance Headquarters where I saw all of

you. I followed you when you went after Dragaunus. But when I went into

Dimensional Limbo I found Psi.

Psi-Chic: She told me of your mission. I was up for an adventure so I left my home in Limbo

and came with Starr.

Starrfire: But by the time we got here you seemed to have everything under control so we

decided to check out earth.

Wildwing: But why reveal yourselves to us now?

Starrfire: It looked like you needed help.

Psi-Chic: Besides, we were beginning to get bored taking in all the sites. We wanted a piece of

the action.

Starrfire: [smiles] That too.

Mallory: Well now that they're here what do we do with them?

Grin: If they are on our side we must let them fight with us for the greater good.

Psi-Chic: What!?

Wildwing: I think he means that you can stay with us, if that's what you want.

[Psi and Starr look at each other and nod.]

Wildwing: Ok then. I think we have a couple of spare rooms.

Starrfire: Kewl. I'll grab our stuff.

Nosedive: [confused] Your stuff?

[Starrfire snaps her fingers and a couple of backpacks and suitcases appear.]

Psi-Chic: Sure we've collected some things while we were here.

Wildwing: Well then, the rooms are this way.

[Psi and Starr pick up their bags and follow the ducks to two rooms each equipped with the basic furnishings. They then disperse.]

Scene: Interior of Starr's room. She sits down on the bed and flicks on the tv. Then hears a knock at the door.

Starrfire: Come in.

[Duke walks in.]

Duke: So how's the accommodations?

Starrfire: Not bad. There's more here than the room I had at Pasha.

Duke: [smiles] I know what you mean.

Starrfire: I was wondering if you'd come talk to me.

Duke: So you weren't too keen on Pasha either?

Starrfire: It was ok for awhile, but it does get boring. I trust it's a little more interesting here.

Duke: Yeah. There's practice tomorrow, you and Psi-Chic can join us.

Starrfire: That'd be great.

Duke: [Gets up and heads toward the door.] Well then, I'll see you tomorrow. Night.

Starrfire: [softly] Goodnight Duke.

The End.


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