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The following sound files are from
The Human Factor

Nosedive wants to see
Watch it
Uh oh
That could be a little tricky
Come out and fight you web footed wimps
With pleasure you cold blooded creep
Hey ducks do you feel lucky?
Ok you are lucky (a longer version of the previous)
I prefer my duck served with hot sauce
Whoa hot stuff coming though
You meathead what are you doing?
My phone psychic said it would be a bad day
Well at least it can't get any worse
Browsing for worms
You keep talking about those lizards...but all i ever see is ducks
We're gonna search this place with a fine toothed comb and if I find anything with feathers on it I'm gonna put you birds in a cage
Everytime we save the world that guy yells at us
Humans are such a bunch of people
Now they want to use us as guinea pigs
They just don't understand us
We're talking mega jumbo jerk-o surpemes with double cheese
Boy did you get up on the wrong side of the nest this morning
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