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The following sound files are from
The Human Factor

I'll say this about planet earth it certainly is a beautiful place
Aw great, here it comes.  They probably want to tar and defeather us for disturbing the boredom
Ah you were saying
Yeah just wait
This place is gonna give me brainrot
Tell me about it man
We're stranded in the land that time forgot
All rightski
Hey, who you gallin human bub?  We happen to be alternative lifeforms in search of ...
I guess birds of a feather do flock together
Aw man this town must totally fold when it gets dark
I haven't had this much fun since my last root canal
Something strange is going on here
This show is getting light on ducks
Videogames or solving the mystery.  Oh just one quick game of Cybersleezoids
Man something tells me I just stepped into a big fat trapola
We gotta get out fo here man, this place is like spook city
What I wouldn't give for a good flashback right now
Alright, my favoite scene in the whole show
It's Nosedive on the breakaway
He hits the boards
What in the world of dracula's basement
Whoa, talk about dejavou man
Dont' start with me, I've had a seriously rough night
Now what happened here?
Wow, did this guy ever burn out on reentry
Now just a darn minute

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