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The Human Factor

Well I'll say this for old Lizard Lips, he sure treats his fans well
That does it
Suddenly I wish I was home in mommy's nest
It'll take more than the 3 or you to take me, four should do it.
Did I just say what I think I said
Our of my face beryllium boy
Way to go baby bro
Put a cork in it kid twist or I'll wax your head
Do you know what you get when you cross a chicken with a lobster...
I hope that thing doesn't have a taste for duck
This is a weird way to go, eaten by a a surf and turf dinner
Check please
This thing could have saved us alot of trouble...but it would've been a really boring show
I'll admit when I'm wrong
The human race is ace
With a few exceptions natch
Don't worry about it kid
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