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Dive w/ duck logo

You know you've been watching too much Ducks if....

1. you claim that's not possible

2. you start calling your friend "girly-girl" and use other expressions from the show

3. when something goes wrong you blame it on the Saurians (ex: Disney cancels the ducks so you think Saurians run Disney)

4. you claim one of the ducks as yours (boyfriend/girlfriend)

5. you write duck fan fiction

6. you create a character for yourself

7. you look forward to Friday and Saturday for the sole purpose of watching the Ducks even though you know you've already seen all the episodes

8. you don't see ducks so you go into withdrawal

9. you have all the episodes on tape

10. you create a web site devoted to the ducks

11. you create a list like this

12. you are still reading this list

(numbers 13 - 26 were submitted by Strange. You can email him at

13. You make Grin your spiritual guide. SERIOUS problems here!

14. You attack the TV with your dart gun when Saurians appear.
Or: You keep a toy weapon handy for when the Saurians appear.
Or: You attack the TV with a war cry & a dart gun when Saurians appear.

15. You attack the TV with a REAL weapon when the Saurians appear! Get THERAPY!

16. You throw a fit when you watch a Mighty Ducks hockey game & you can't find your favorite character ANYWHERE! Just who IS this Guy Herbert anyhow?!

17. You are stunned when the clerk at McSports (or any local sports shop) doesn't have ANY record of your favorite character! Just who IS this Guy Herbert anyway?!

18. You're crushed when your favorite character won't answer your fan mail.

19. You're stunned when your science instructor insists that Puckworld doesn't exist! Obviously NOT so smart, huh!

20. You write to agents Scully & Mulder to check into the disappearance of the Ducks, sure they're held captive in Area 51!

21. You order an Anaheim phone book hoping to get the Ducks number.

22. You try to raise Drake One on the internet. A LOT. Convinced that there's a Dragaunus virus afflicting your computer or service. Consider calling Scully & Mulder...

23. You propose to one of the Ducks.

24. You pretend you're married to one of the Ducks! (Oh, I'll get mail..)

25. You want to have Nosedive's baby.

26. You want to have MALLORY'S baby! What's up with that?!

(numbers 27 -33 were submitted by Mia S. (Amber VanDrake). You can email her at

27. You sing the song "Dreaming of You" by Selina and add Nosedive or Duke's name in every verse.

28. You start a protest when at a french resturant they serve canard, french for Duck.

29. You scream when anounomous people say Mallory and Nosedive go together. Get Help!

30. You kiss one of the duck's pics every 1 hour or you go insane.

31. You start to do pranks from the show.

32. If their is technical difficulties during the show you blame the Saurians, Mallory and Phil.

33. You want to skinny dip with your favorite hottie ducks.

(numbers 34-38 were submitted by Deborah. You can email her at:

34. You glue feathers to your skin ,buy a plastic beak and learn how to play hockey.

35. You think the house across the street is actually the raptor.

36. You get plastic surgery so you can look like one of the ducks.

37. You watch Mighty Ducks every day.

38. You make your own MD movie.

Thought of something to add to the list? Please email it to me

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