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Psi-Chic's Profile


Name: Psi-chic

Nickname: Psi, Psi-situation appropriate (ex: Psi-Duck, Psi-Happy, Psi-Wistful)

Age: Immortal

Height: 5'5"

Weight: They don't weigh you in limbo!

Hair: Orange

Eyes: Unknown. A dimentional always hides her eyes.

Feathers: White

Number: n/a

Position in Hockey: She doesn't play.

Weapons: Adapted Saurian X.25 Laserpuck..

Origins: Psi was created at the heart of limbo. Her creator had a purpose for her, and she fullfilled it. Then Psi went galaxy-hopping (which is how she ended up with her partner, Starr), taking up the little causes of various planets. Her favorite planet ,by far, was Puckworld. At least until those de-evolved scaley-ape Saurians wrecked it.

Likes: Pasta. Watching sports. Playing Zingon Quartz-Tarting, hight level one-on-one with no safe zones (its a little like laser-tag, dirt hockey, solar gliding and ballroom dancing all in one).

Peeves: Saurians. People who take advantage of the disadvantaged. Pity parties.

Talents: Good aim. Quick wit. Sweet-talker.

Bad Points: Nasty Cooking. Quick temper. Terrible at hockey.

Odd Quirks: Those sunglasses she's always wearing. That funny, wicked little smile she gets on her face for no particular reason.


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