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Starrfire's Profile


Name: Starrfire

Nickname: Starr or Starrz

Age: 21 (Immortal)

Height: about 5'4"

Hair: Brownish

Eyes: Blue

Feathers: Tan

Other Markings: A white star (diamond shape) on her forehead

Number: 42

Position in Hockey: Wherever needed, except goalie.

Homeplanet: Raised on Pastataria, but believed to be from elsewhere since she was not like the other Pastatarians. After leaving Pastataria she ended up on Puckworld where the ducks of of Pasha took her in and helped her understand her 'abilities'. She adapted a duck form so she wouldn't stand out as much. When the Mighty Ducks went into dimensional limbo she sensed that they may need help and followed them.. She found Psi -Chic (who she met on Pastataria) in limbo and they filled each other in on their life stories. From there Psi changed into duck form and they continued through limbo to Anaheim. but the ducks already had the situation under control so Psi and Starrfire decided to check out earth. Later when the ducks were in trouble Starrfire and Psi helped them out and became members of the team.

Weapons: Starrfire uses a pucklauncher, a knife that operates like Duke's ducksaber (which she keeps hidden insider her right boot), and her 'abilities'.

Abilities: Starrfire's abilities appear to be magical. They continue to grow with use but she tries not to use them much in public, being an alien duck is odd enough much less one with abilities of this kind. She usually uses energy y blasts from her hands to disable enemies. She also likes to use large fireballs when fighting Wraith, who uses little ones. Her favorite entrance is in a burst of light. When she's mad she will leave in a puff of smoke. She is not usually able to heal people/ ducks, but there are some times when she does have that ability (usually only when a teammate is seriously hurt) but she really not able to control it (at least not yet). Starrfire on the other hand, heals quickly. She is also capable of creating a huge burst of light ('starburst') that temporarily disables her enemies and destroys hunter drones, but that takes alot of energy and usually drains her to the point of being very weak. The more she uses her 'starburst' the less it drains her. For the most part her abilities are well developed except in the areas of healing. She is also able to sense the presence of other beings and sometimes their thoughts and feelings., though she usually blocks them out so she doesn't intrude on their personal thoughts but that is not always possible if they have a strong emotions.

Personality: Starrfire is a kind and quiet being. She is usually level headed and tends not to goof off too much. Psi brings out Starrfire's "wilder" side. Starr usually looks at a situation rationally and at first seems to be all work and no play. Once people get to know her she seems less shy and shows her humerus side.

Likes/Interests: Hockey, art, computers, cartoons, her friends. Her favorite food is pasta and she loves popcorn for a snack.

Dislikes: Saurians, people who distrust her due to her abilities.

Misc: A good friend of Duke's

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