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Are You a Duckaholic?

Here is a test to find out if you are a Duckaholic.  Place a check next to each of the questions that apply to you.  When you are finished your score will be tallied.


  1.Have you seen every episode?

  2.  Have you seen every episode at least two times?

  3.  Can you name all the ducks?

  4.  Can you name all the Saurians?

  5.  Can you name the ducks vehicles?

  6.  Do you know what sport the ducks play?

  7.  Do you know the numbers on the duck's jerseys?

  8.  Do you know what position each duck plays in that sport?

  9.  Do you know what real (humans) play the corresponding positions on the non-animated team?


10.  Can you name four episodes (not counting "First Face Off")?

11.  Can you name eight episodes (not counting "First Face Off")?

12. Do you have at least one episode on video?

13.  Do you have more than one episode on video ("First Face Off" counts as one)?

14.  Do you have all the episodes on video?

Fan Fic Characters

15.  Have you made yourself a fan fic character to interact with the ducks?

16. Is that character a duck?

17.  Is your character related to (brother, sister, cousin, etc.) one of the ducks?

18.  Is your character a boyfriend/girlfriend of one of the ducks?

19.  Is your character married to one of the ducks?

20.  Do have a profile for your character?

21.  Does your character have an origin story?

22.  Do you have a picture drawn of your character?

23.  Do you write fan fic about the ducks?

24.  Do you include your character in the fan fic?

25.  Do you draw pictures of the ducks (fan or original ducks)?

Action Figures/Merchandise

26.  Have you bought an action figure of one of the ducks?

27.  Have you bought several action figures of one duck?

28.  Do you have an action figure of Mallory?

29.  Do you have one version of each of the ducks (not counting Mallory or Tanya)?

30.  Do you have any of the ducks' vehicles?

31.  Do you have any duck clothing?

32.  Do you collect anything else related to the ducks that hasn't been mentioned above?


33.  Do you have a webpage devoted to the ducks?

34.  Do you use any of the lines from the show (ducks rock, girly-girl) in everyday life?

35.   When something goes wrong do you blame it on the Saurians?

36.    Have you picked up a hobby relating to your favorite duck's interests (ex:  you like Duke so you took fencing or you like Mallory so you took karate)?

37.  Do you dream about the ducks?

38.  Do you say it's not possible to watch too much of the ducks?

39.    Have you thought of an item to add to this list?

40.  Have you emailed that item to me?

You have now completed the Duckaholic Test.  To find out how much of a duckaholic you are, click the "Am I a Duckaholic" button.  If you think you answered incorrectly you can hit the "Start Over" button.

Your Duckaholic Quiz Score is

Are you a Duckaholic?


Have you ever really watched an episode?


You may be a fan but your not a Duckaholic.  But hey, at least you know something about the show.


Keep trying, maybe you can become a duckaholic yet.


Your a Duckaholic wannabe.  Maybe your a becoming a little too obsessed with the show. 


Congratulations, your a Duckaholic!  Either you have too much time on your hands or you need professional help.

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