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This chat is designed for Role Playing.  Here are some basic guidelines for the chat.

Please avoid using profanity.

No one can use the original ducks (Wildwing, Nosedive, Duke, Mallory, Tanya, Grin, Canard) unless they plan on soley using that character for the chat session.

Anyone can control the Saurians, just type in the Saurian's name and what he says/does as long as it fits with the current situation. Here are some examples:

Lets say Starrfire wants Dragonus to say something.

Starrfire:  Dragonus: How dare you!

Lets say Starrfire wants Dragunus to cloak.

Starrfire:  Dragonus: *cloaks*
Starrfire:  Dragonus cloaks

To begin chatting you first need to register a handle (a name you will be known as). If you don't already have one click on the "sign up here" option below the login screen. This is a free service.

Virtual Anaheim

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