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The following sound files are from
Dungeons & Ducks

Alright lets pump some high technology you punny girly lizard
I can see this is going to be a long night
Your just saying that to cheer us up right?
This stupid thing, I think I just spun out on the information superhighway
material things are nothing but trouble
You are way too trusting kid
Whoa heads up
Let's rock ducks
Let's move on
Coast is clear, whoa except for him
Every government building should have it's own maze of infinate peril...
Look out somebody swiped my ducks and I'm just itching for a fight...
Kid they got us in a binding contract
We're getting more lost by the second
We're almost there
This won't even be a skermish
So you survived the journey to my stonghold. No one challenges the Lord of the Red Dragon and lives
Now there's a guy whose been eating his dragonflakes
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